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About our shop

Foryou Toys is a safe place for your every craving. Talking about those sexual ones. We’re here to help you choose from our variety of toys, because we care about your future experience. As we always mention, this is THE safe place for everyone. 

You know the old saying: sharing is caring. We share with you almost every sexual toy for almost every part of your body that can be transformed into divine pleasure. No shame here. Need a little thing for your clitoris stimulation? Bigger one for other hole? Anal plug, perhaps? Want to share your experience through some double penetration toys? No problem. Just look up the categorie you want to choose from. You can make a decision based on your own preference, sex or just for fun, if you care to try something new. 

Our premium quality goods from top brands, such as VIVE, UNIHORN, JIMMYJANE, and more, guarantee to make your sex life much better. There’s 800+ products to get creative with, or just stay in your good old ways with good new toys from 80+ brands. 

You can wait for the right partner to try new things with, or you can just order anything from our shop. Because your cravings won’t wait. 

We wish you fun journey as you scroll through our e-shop, so get ready, and satisfy yourself, your partner, or whoever you wish. Just keep in mind: this is your journey, but our responsibility to make it more colorful. Wild. Sweaty. Blowing. 


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