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About our shop

Foryou Toys is a safe place for your every craving. Talking about those sexual ones. We’re here to help you choose from our wide variety of sex toys because we care about your experience. As we always mention, our adult store is a safe place for everyone. 

You know the old saying: sharing is caring. We share with you our large selection of luxurious sex toys for almost every part of your body that can be transformed into divine pleasure. No awkwardness here. Need a little thing for your clitoral stimulation? Maybe something bigger that will do the trick, like a fake dick toy? Anal plug, perhaps? Or want to share your experience through some double penetration toys? No problem. Just look up the category and choose your perfect erotic product. Let your own preferences guide you on the journey to ultimate sexual pleasure and fun times with your partner.

Our premium quality goods from top brands, such as VIVE, UNIHORN, JIMMYJANE, and more, guarantee to make your sex life much better. There are 800+ products to get creative with or simply keep on the right track with amazing new sex toys from 80+ brands. 

Either you can wait for the right partner to come along and try new things with them… Or you can just order anything from our shop and have the time of your life on your own. Because you know, your cravings won’t wait. And most importantly, with our amazing range of sex accessories, they don’t have to! 

Are you ready?

We wish you a fun journey as you scroll through our e-shop. So, get ready to satisfy yourself or whoever you wish – whether you want a toy to spice up your marriage or a bondage toy, we’ve got your back. Just keep in mind: this is your journey, but our responsibility to make it more colourful. Wild. Sweaty. Blowing. 


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