A Complete Guide To Penis Pumps

Looking for a sex toy to make your erection more durable and powerful?

Are you a beginner and want to find out a bit more?

Do you want to make sure you’re using your device correctly?

Or are you simply curious?

To explore the world of penis pumps, dive straight in.

Penis pump


What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is an erotic product which can boost your confidence and self-esteem as well as take the sexual experience to the next level – no more midway performance let-downs with this pleasure toy for men. On top of that, it is one of a few non-pharmaceutical treatments used for erectile dysfunction – not being able to maintain sufficient erection during sexual intercourse. In other words, it is a pump to get you ready without risking side effects of medication like Viagra.

What’s more, once you’ve mastered this sex toy, it is easy to use. However, you have to be careful as improper use can cause harm!

enlargement pump construction and the constriction ring

What does it consist of?

  1. A tube that fits directly over the penis
  2. A constriction ring (= penis ring) that fits around the base of the penis once it is erect which helps to maintain the erection
  3. A hand or battery-powered pump to get the air out of the tube (triggering erection)

How does it work?

The penis pump works by sucking the air out of the tube, which creates a vacuum around your penis. This way, blood starts to flow into the area which triggers a strong erection. After your penis is erect, you might want to place a constriction ring around to maintain it – the ring will prevent the blood from flowing back to the body. On top of that, the tight squeeze will prolong the ejaculation. But don’t wear it for more than 30 minutes, as that could affect blood flow and harm you.

Penis pump is a myth or fact ?

Myth or fact?

Now we know what a penis pump is and what it does. But reading through different articles, there are a few things that need clarification in the very beginning!

Pros and cons of a penis pump

Pros and cons

Still unsure whether a penis pump is a right choice for you? Go through the lists below to help you decide!

Let’s start with the benefits.

But of course, there are some risks and negatives too…

How to use a penis pump

When it comes to penis pumps, practice makes perfect! Here we provide you with simple steps to follow:

  1. Shave your pubic hair around the base of your penis. Though this step isn’t essential, shaving might prevent getting your hair stuck in the ring.
  2. Place the tube over your penis. A little tip – use lubricant to avoid irritation.
  3. Create a vacuum inside the tube using the pump. As you remove the air, the blood will start to flow into your penis and you will achieve an erection in a couple of minutes.
  4. To maintain the erection, place a constriction ring over the base of your penis.
  5. Remove your penis from the tube.
  6. Enjoy.

Ok. Now you know all the facts. Ready to pick yours?

First of all, there is a variety of products to choose from. Let me provide you with the most important facts to consider prior to buying one.

To begin with, most penis pumps come with a constriction ring. However, if the one you’ve chosen doesn’t belong to that category, just get yourself a cock ring – a different name for the constriction ring used outside “the world of penis pumps”.

Secondly, the most basic advice is as follows – buy a highly reviewed product from a well-known manufacturer. But as we all are unique, even the products with the most amazing reviews might not be the right choice for you. Therefore, try to think about what your personal preferences are as well… And finally:

A couple of bullet points to consider

To sum up

All in all, whether you want a sex toy to spice up your marriage or need a little nudge to get you going, a penis pump is the solution. Remember, impotence isn’t a reason to give up on your sex life and this might be the extra step you need to get you back in the game. Be prepared to experience a whole different kind of pleasure!

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