Anal plug

Our wide variety of anal plugs will satisfy both, beginners and pros alike. Choose from multiple materials, sizes and features to play with to give yourself the extra sensations. What’s more, with one of our butt plugs you can take your sexual experience to a whole new level, whether it’s a solo session or a late-night hook-up. Get ready to enjoy a super pleasurable backdoor play!

What are anal plugs?

As your bum can be a remarkable source of pleasure, anal plugs are amazing sex toys. Their main duty is to make you feel good. Like really good!

A butt plug is a teardrop-shaped anal toy that simply plugs your butt. That’s it. Plus, to allow safe play, they have a wider base to prevent sucking them in and a thin tip for easy insertion. As for their base, it is also very thin so the anal sphincter can relax around it.

Why does it feel so good?

Firstly, the key thing is to be relaxed. That’s when all the magic happens. For starters, your bum is jam-packed with nerve endings. These feel fantastic when you stimulate them! So, this little sex toy can not only stimulate the G-spot but also the A-spot!

However, a fantastic feeling isn’t everything you can achieve by using an anal plug. We’re talking earth-shattering orgasms. That’s right. What awaits you is a prostate orgasm, which is why we do booty play, right? In females, the butt hole is a roundabout to G-spot and A-spot. In other words, we’re talking about indirect stimulation which can lead to squirting.

Adding butt plugs to your game

One of the commonest uses of anal plugs is as a warm-up before anal sex. It’s good to start small and get used to the sensations accompanied by anal play. You should slowly work your way up to make yourself ready for bigger things, whether that’s a penis, a bigger anal toy or gaping.

Secondly, in people with a vagina, it is a great way to explore double penetration – slide your butt plug in after applying lube and then get busy. As for the sex position, we recommend The Double Rev or The Diversion!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about oral sex. Adding this sex toy to your game can provide you with paramount pleasure. That said, you don’t even need a partner to have a great time – simply insert your anal plug before a solo session and enjoy. Easy as that!

Help your bum out, use LUBE

The rectum doesn’t self-lubricate itself. So, make sure to have your lube with you when playing with anal plug. Although silicone-based lubes are awesome for backdoor play, they will destroy your sex toy if it is made of silicone! Moreover, if you’re using natural lubricants, such as coconut oil, you might want to be careful! These aren’t silicone-friendly and might destroy your favourite butt plug.

Are you planning to use your toy with multiple partners? Then listen up! To practise safe sex, put a condom on your anal plug before every session. And because condoms need to be used with water-based lubes, make sure you have one at home.

So, are you ready to add your anal plug into the game? 


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