Sometimes, using of just one entry is not enough. Thankfully, we were created in mysterious way. Or ways, because there’s just more of them. Sexual entrances could be far more creative. And the exit doesn’t necessarily mean exit. Yes, anal is a well-known and favored technique for stimulating your sexual desires. 

With or without anal toys?

One of the most common questions about anal sex. Other than fingers, or penis – we recommend using simple sex toys. This applies if you’re a complete beginner, or just want to try anal in your own company. It’s far more comfortable. 

Anal beads of any kind will provide you with the safest ways of enjoyment. They might look scary with their length, but the perimeter is the important part. It’s tip easily penetrates your narrowest entrance and slips right inside. 

Christalino brand brings you elegant variety of  anal beads and plugs ready to be used. They’re simple and lady-like looking. They come in crystal-like calming colors, so they don’t look as scary, right?  

This one, called White is great for any sensation. Handmade. Can be cooled down or heated up, depends on your mood. And most importantly, it can be also used vaginally. 


Tired of using regular anal beads and plugs? No problem. Besides these also remarkable toys, our selection includes anal vibrators. Just to spice it up. Because with vibrations, you can never go wrong.

Simplicity allows you to choose from variety of high quality vibrators. Astor is our favorite “behind the curtain” company with its 90 minutes autonomy and 10 vibrating modes.

But picking up the best ones is not up to us, it’s up to you. Or inside you.  Because our most important recommendation is:  Never forget to use lube! We care about your safety and comfort. 


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