Everything YOU need to know about the clitoris sucker

The world of the female orgasm has been revolutionized by the clitoris sucker.

Interested in what this little gem is?

Want to find out whether it’s a solo session sex toy or something you can enjoy with your other half?

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Everything YOU need to know about the clitoris sucker

What will YOU learn?

What is a clitoris sucker?

A clitoris sucker, or a clit sucker, is a device that will ensure that you will scream of joy. It is a sex toy made for women with vulvas which has hit the market in 2015. This latest amazing sex toy invention will create an intense, longer-lasting orgasm in just a few seconds. So, the next time your libido is up, you don’t have to wait until you have enough time to play with yourself. Just take a quick “shower” or lie down for a while – but don’t forget to take your clit sucker with you!

How does it work?

Clitoris – all you need to know

Let’s start with a few words about the clitoris. The pleasure females encounter during vaginal penetration is caused by clitoris being aroused – when it isn’t the intercourse might feel rather uncomfortable. In different terms, the sensation comes from the clitoris, not the vagina. Hence the importance of foreplay and arousal.

Secondly, the clitoris isn’t small at all as many of you might think. It is quite extensive erectile tissue, which also creates a portion of the vaginal wall, solely purposed to provide pleasure. Moreover, the glans on the surface of the vagina, or the head of the clitoris, is only a small proportion of the whole organ, but it contains more than 8000 nerve endings – this is where the amazing tingling feeling of clitoral orgasm comes from!

The actual mystery behind the magic of the clit sucker

The manufacturers say this erotic product works by producing “sonic waves” or “pulsations”, which feel like licking or sucking motion. In other words, they mimic oral sex. So, what are these waves?

Regular sex toys work by emitting high-frequency vibrations which stimulate only the surface. In contrast, the clitoris sucker stimulates the highly erogenous zones in a whole different way. The low-frequency sonic waves it creates travel deeper to the body stimulating hidden nerve-endings inside of you. Therefore, orgasm feels a whole lot different. Intense. Mind-blowing.

Why is clitoris sucker better than regular vibrators?

Have you ever used your vibrator and realised your genitalia are a bit numb? You’re not alone.

This is a common phenomenon which is one of the biggest flaws of vibrators for women. It is caused by the fact that regular vibrators create high-frequency vibrations, as mentioned above. So, it creates a rather centralized “buzz” which makes your targeted zone feel numb and over-stimulated – especially after prolonged use.

In contrast, the waves produced by clitoral sucking vibrators will travel deeper into the body. As a result, you can experience whole-body climax lasting longer! What’s more, you can use them for an extended period, because of this broader “reach”.

All in all, a big YAY for clitoris sucker!

Finally, a device to close the orgasm gap!

In case you’re not sure, an orgasm gap is a term used to describe the fact that women in heterosexual relationships experience significantly fewer orgasms than men. University of Florida Professor Laurie Mintz mentions this problem in her book “Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters — And How to Get It”.

However, with the clitoris sucker on the market, this problem could disappear! This sex toy is a real innovation. And it only makes sense that using a clit sucker more could be the solution to equally enjoyable sex for both genders!

Using your clitoris sucker

When it comes to clitoris sucker, reviews like “It is nothing like any sex toy I have and I honestly cannot get enough of it!” or “I have never been able to have an orgasm by myself before. This product has been AMAZING and has completely changed that.” are very common.

So, what does it take to use this incredible erotic product?

First of all, it is very EASY to operate! The only extra thing you need is a water-based lubricant gel.


Apply the lube. Use a significant amount before and during use, for a smooth experience. And if you’re not used to using one, you should give it a go – it can introduce delightful new feelings.


Pay attention to what’ comfortable for YOU. Firstly, place the mouth of your clitoris sucker over your clit. Or, if the direct contact is too intense for you, try placing your device next to the clitoris. As an alternative for the more sensitive people – keep your underwear on while using.

If you have a clitoral sucking vibrator which comes with multiple pleasure settings, take your time to pick your favourite! And most importantly – there is no single way of achieving an orgasm. It is a journey which differs for everyone.

A fun way to spice up your relationship

As most females achieve orgasm only by stimulation of the clitoris, this erotic product is a game-changer. The biggest benefit of using the clitoris sucker with your partner is for sure the fact, that it increases the intensity of clitoral orgasms while you’re still able to have great penetrative sex. Double the fun, right?

A fun way to spice up your relationship

Foreplay + clit sucker = ❤️

A warm-up before sex is extremely important! But bear in mind that the intercourse doesn’t have to be the grand finale – instead, hot foreplay is plenty when done right! And with the clitoral sucking vibrator on the market, there’s no way to do it wrong.

As we all know by this point – clit sucker toys are simply the best. So using them in foreplay can pay off.

Firstly, hydrate. We can’t stress enough how much more pleasurable making love is when using lube! Afterwards, begin by gently massaging the erogenous zones – the clitoris, nipples, ears, elbows and knees. Or maybe let your partner do the teasing. Then, you’re ready to slowly place the clitoris sucker on the clit.

Even though a clitoris sucker is a sex toy that mimics oral sex, that doesn’t mean it’s off the table! Just hold the device on your clit while your partner can gently use their tongue.

What’s more, using the tongue to stimulate the vulva, on top of using the clit sucker, provides extra sensations for extra pleasure. Licking the labia, gently teasing the opening of the vagina or even using the tongue for tender penetration will make any woman go over the edge in no time.

Going all the way

Are you thinking it might be a bit too complicated to use your clitoris sucker while having sex? For some, it might require a bit of coordination, but for the others it’s straightforward. Whatever your case is, it’s worth it. Plus, we have tips&tricks for you!

Using a clitoral sucking vibrator while having penetrative sex is for many women an ideal combination. The reason is that you can amplify the arousal of natural love-making by stimulating your external clitoris. And what’s a better way to tease your clit than using a clit sucker?

The best sex positions for using clit-sucking toy

Doggy style
Stand and deliver

Did you know…

Did you know a clitoris sucker can be also used for nipple stimulation? That’s right.

This erotic product triggers touchless stimulation not only of your clit but nipples as well. Place it gently on the top and experience a tantalizing sensation that feels comparable to tongue stimulation!

Nipple orgasm

You’ve read it correctly. Stimulating your vagina or clit isn’t the only way to reach that big O. It is possible to achieve nipple orgasm without even touching your genitalia!

Each nipple has hundreds of nerve endings, which can be stimulated by the clitoris sucker. Then, they send signals to the same area of the brain as your clit or vagina would during sexual intercourse. So, the same “stuff” is activated leading to climax.

Taking care of your little helper

Skipping washing your clitoris sucker after a solo session or sex isn’t what you should do. It is very important to wash your sex toy after every use. Want to know why?

Although it might feel like a hassle to sneak to the bathroom with your clit sucker every time you’ve had a great time, it’s worth doing so. The reason is that there are places on our bodies where microorganisms occur naturally. And if these get on your sex toy and then get transferred to other parts of the body an infection can occur.

Let’s work with an example. Imagine playing with your clit sucker, experimenting a bit and trying it on all the different parts of your vagina. However, you don’t clean it afterwards. Then, sometime later, your partner comes home and you want to use your favourite sex toy during intercourse. There’s a chance that naturally occurring microorganisms from your vagina got on your clit sucker during the previous use. So, they can easily get to the urethra, which is just a few centimetres above the vaginal opening. As a consequence, you might get a very bad urinary tract infection. Not worth it!

How to clean your clit sucker

First of all, using clear water isn’t enough! So, make sure to use a sex toy cleaner or a regular unscented hand soap and clean your sex toy thoroughly under running water. However, don’t use antibacterial soap as that could cause irritation! Not difficult, right?

Plus, don’t forget to dry your clitoris sucker thoroughly! Use a paper towel or a clean towel to dry it before you pop your erotic product back into the drawer!

The best clitoris suckers on our offer!

1. Clitoris Sucker Sona 2 Cruise

1. Clitoris Sucker Sona 2 Cruise

This luxurious clitoris sucker manufactured by Swedish Designer Brand LELO is the best of the best. As they like to put it, it’s “clitorally mindblowing”!

This clitoral sonic stimulator has revolutionized the world of female erotic products. Apart from classy design and compact size, it combines the best technology and innovation from LELO. It works by producing a new generation of sonic waves which will make you scream of joy in no time. On top of that, Sona 2 stimulates 75% more than its predecessor, Sona! Moreover, this clit sucker won’t lose power, no matter how hard you press it against your lady bits. Plus, it controls the power of the suction automatically, so will deliver what you need just in the right time! Last but not least, Sona 2 Cruise clit sucker comes with 12 different pulsation patterns and a wider and softer mouth, to suit all the different clit shapes! Simply WOW.

2. Fifty Shades Freed Sweet Release Rechargeable Clitoral Suction Stimulator

2. Fifty Shades Freed Sweet Release Rechargeable Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Are you looking for ultimate pleasure stimulation? Then this little gem is the right choice for you! It is made of soft and silky silicone to make each contact with your clitoris sucker an amazing experience. Plus, The suction hood, the opening you place over your clit, is flexible and wide to fit every female anatomy. Moreover, it’s beautiful design combing plum purple with rose gold is very elegant. The shape is ergonomic to fit right into your hand and has a travel lock to allow you discreetly carry your device with you whenever you’d like! On top of that, you can customize your pleasure with multiple patterns and speeds. And in case your clitoris sucker runs out of battery, simply recharge it via a USB cable. Get ready to go over the edge with this one, guys!

3. Shots HIKY Vibe and Pump

3. Shots HIKY Vibe and Pump

Here we have a device which combines both, the clitoral suction stimulation and vaginal penetration. This Rabbit Vibrator with advanced suction stimulation from HIKY is a sex accessory every lady should try! Its benefits? Firstly, the material it is made of is a medical-grade silicone very soft to touch. Plus, it has triple motor technology and is rechargeable – a small light will let you know when your Rabbit needs to be charged. On top of that, the shaft has 10 different vibration function and the suction cup can be adjusted to 4 different modes! What’s more, the texture of the cup is very unique and detailed which will satisfy your every desire. So, if you need a little help with getting to the big O or a long-distance couple toy, this little Rabbit will do the trick! Enjoy.

4. Clitoris Sucker Sona Cruise

4. Clitoris Sucker Sona Cruise

Fancy an orgasm that comes from the deepest parts of your body? Then Sona Cruise is the right choice! Though we’ve already written about Sona Cruise 2, this device is the 1st generation and is for that reason more budget-friendly! So, it is a sonic internal massager, just like the newer Sona 2, which will make you experience amazing orgasms straight away. The word “cruise” in its name describes its unique property – this little gem can control the power of the suction automatically. In other words, it gives you a boost exactly when you need it without you having to do anything extra.

Let’s talk about the main differences between the clitoris sucker number 1 on our list and Sona Cruise. Firstly, the 2nd generation of these clit suckers comes with softer sonic waves, which might benefit the more sensitive of us. Secondly, the newer generation has a slightly longer battery life and a wider suction cup. That’s all. Otherwise, both of these sex toys are pure pleasure machines. Our tip – Sona Cruise is a great toy to spice up your marriage!

5. Clitoral Sucker Magic Fish

5. Clitoral Sucker Magic Fish

A clitoris sucker from Pretty Love is a reasonably priced sex accessory! It will bring you to orgasmic bliss every single time. It is made of soft silicone and can be charged by USB – no more annoying batteries. What’s more, it works by creating suction, just like the other clit suckers, so you can enjoy a sensation of oral sex. But it will be a bit different – deeper and more intense. Clitoral Sucker Magic Fish comes in bright pink colour and fits nicely in your hand! On top of that, there are 12 suction functions available to choose from – a very difficult choice to make! Last but not least, you can also take this sex toy to bath with you to experience these amazing sensations from the depths of the bathtub! Good lust!

6. Pet Sucker and Lick Massager Liquid Silicone USB

6. Pet Sucker and Lick Massager Liquid Silicone USB

“A sucker like no other.” – that’s right! This little erotic product is beautifully designed and is very compact. So, you can take your clitoris sucker with you whenever and wherever you’d like. With its 3 amazing suction modes and an automatic wheel at the base resembling a tongue you will cross the finish line instantly. What’s more, you can also play around with the temperature of the wheel! The Lick massager part of this sex toy offers you 2 heat effects to enjoy. On top of that, recharging your device is very simple with its high-quality magnetic USB rechargeable battery. You have to agree that this erotic product is simply amazing! So, what are you waiting for? Give yourself the pleasure you deserve. Order one of these little helpers now to get 10% off!

To sum up…

What a lovely journey! Clitoris suckers are simply the best. Perfect. Awesome. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to enjoy a solo session with this little gem or just need a toy to spice up your marriage. Clit sucker has your back.

Make sure to get yourself one of these amazing sex toys to explore the world of earth-shattering orgasms!

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