Vaginal and Clitoris stimulator

Dreaming about a sex toy that will make you experience the ultimate blended orgasm? Then look no further! A rabbit vibrator, or a vaginal and clitoris stimulator, is a dual-action erotic product that will play with your clit and stimulate your G-spot, all at once. As it takes care of multiple pleasure zones at once, we really think it is a must-have for every couple. So, wait no longer and dive into our offer of the top his and her toys out there!

Why should I buy one?

Oh, there are so many reasons… First of all, rabbit vibrators provide all the fun of a regular vibrator with an extra tickle for the clit. What’s more, they are a perfect toy to spice up your marriage. Just imagine using this little helper during foreplay and making your other half watch… You won’t only tease them, but also make them horny like never before. Last but not least, a vaginal and clitoris stimulator would make an amazing long-distance couple toy! A little tip – spice things up during the next video call with your bae!

Let’s explore!

We have a wide selection of vaginal and clitoris stimulators ForYou to choose from. So, how about a little introduction?

U-shaped couple vibrator

Let’s start with a couple’s vibe! This sex toy is perfect for a quiet evening or for a night of endless passion. For example, Satisfyer Partner has created u-shaped vibes which will turn your love life around. What’s more, many of these erotic products come with remote control. Just imagine letting your beloved one take control over the toy while it’s deep inside of you. Divine pleasure, right? Moreover, these little helpers are super versatile. You can insert them into your vagina while the other end stimulates your clit. We know they’re called vaginal and clitoris stimulators, but they have some different, pretty exciting ways to use them – read on!

Alternatively, you can enjoy double penetration if you insert the other end to your bum. Speaking of anal sex, if your partner has a penis, you can let him play with this toy as well – insert one end into the butt hole and rest the other on the testicles. Pure pleasure. On the other hand, if you’re more into anal play, feel free to explore our offer of the best anal toys!

Rabbit vibrators

This type of vaginal and clitoris stimulators is very popular. And we’re not surprised, as they are one of the best erotic toys for couples! 

To begin with, these vibrators have a shaft and a clitoral stimulator to make you experience intense blended orgasms. Classically, the clit stimulators are shaped like a rabbit, for example, the ones from Fifty Shades of Grey. However, they also come in a range of different shapes and sizes, to suit the needs of every single one of us. In other words, the brands like Pretty Love or Shots Jil have come up with quite a few experimental designs! No wonder they are often regarded as the most fun toys for couples.

All in all, vaginal and clitoris stimulators are not only a toy to boost fun times between the sheets, but also must-buy sex accessory for every couple. And we’ve made sure that you have the best ones to choose from. So, to explore the world of infinite pleasure, scroll down and choose the best little helper ForYou!


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