Fifty Shades Of Grey Toys Overview

Are you a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey?

Do you want to feel what it’s like to get inside Christian Grey’s playroom?

Inspired by the books and films, here comes the collection of sex toys you’ve been waiting for.

After reading this overview, you will know exactly what toys you want and need.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Toys is a collection that the author of the best-selling books E L James approved. What’s more, the collection is great for beginners and those who want to discover their kinky side. However, if you consider yourself an experienced lover, there are products for you too.

What will you find in this article?

The purpose of this article is to show you the variety of products that are a part of the Fifty Shades of Grey toys collection. Here, you’ll find what toy does what as well as useful bondage tips and more.

The overview

Fifty Shades of Grey Toys offers a lot of sex toys, bondage sets, and accessories ranging from vibrators, love rings, butt plugs to body chains, handcuffs, and spanking paddles. Each one of these serves a different purpose and that is why it’s important to know what it is.

Fifty Shades Freed I Want You Now

Fifty Shades Freed I Want You Now

The ring is designed to enhance sexual pleasure and performance, intensifying sex for both partners.

It not only increases the pleasure but also makes your erection stronger and longer-lasting. It can be worn around the base of the penis, but also around the penis and testicles at the same time for a tighter, more restricting fit.

This enables the wearer to feel pleasure escalating with every thrust, whilst the gentle weight makes the penis feel bigger.

It is recommended that you apply some water-based lube both on the ring and your penis.

Plus, it comes in a luxurious satin storage bag, which makes it ideal for gifts and discreet storage.

Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes

Fifty Shades Darker Desire Explodes

The Desire explodes vibrator is perfectly shaped for smooth insertion and intense G-spot stimulation.

It looks and feels fantastic, thanks to its velvety smooth silicone cover that adds a luxurious appeal.

This sleek dark navy vibrator comes with 8 different patterns of waves and pulses for your pleasure, with an additional 12 intensities so you can completely tailor the experience to your desire.

A button lock feature ensures that it won’t accidentally turn on while you travel. It is USB rechargeable, which is super convenient and cost-effective.

Just like most of the Fifty Shades of Grey toys, it comes with a satin storage bag and it’s easy to clean.

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified

Smooth and flexible. This string of silicone anal beads is perfect for men and women who are seeking to experiment with anal play during sex.

Ideal for those who aim for gentle but progressive play. The pleasure grows the deeper you go thanks to the increasing size of the beads.

Since this is a product for rear entry, lubrication is highly recommended.

Once the play is over, use the finger ring to safely remove the beads completely.

This sex toy can be enjoyed by men and women, as well as in a couple or solo.

Fifty Shades Darker Release Together

Fifty Shades Darker Release Together

What is better than reaching the big O at the same time? You and your partner are going to love this vibrating love ring.

To make it work – stretch the ring down to the base of the penis and turn it on. It makes the penis grow so don’t be surprised when that happens.

This toy makes both of you last longer and gives you more control over when you release.

If you think you can take on a more intense stimulation in a couple’s sex toy, then you will be more than happy to know that this little angel has a function of 12 different speeds and 8 different patterns.

Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm

Fifty Shades of Grey Twitchy Palm

Experience an exciting mixture of pleasure and pain as the contrasting textures of the Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle awakens the flesh during light, erotic bondage play.

You can start gently with the satin which is also silky to give you appetite. Then switch over to the firm faux leather to spruce up the sensation.

This 12-inch paddle is great for those experimenting with BDSM. Soft neoprene lies beneath the silver satin, helping to diffuse the impact of each strike, making this a brilliant first time Spanking Paddle

Don’t forget to set a safe word before the play begins.

Fifty Shades Freed Sweet Release

Fifty Shades Freed Sweet Release

Set free of your inner goddess of pleasure with the Fifty Shades Freed Sweet Release rechargeable suction clitoris stimulator.

It works by gently and indirectly stimulating the clitoris with 7 different intensity levels ranging from super soft to powerful. This simulates the feeling of oral sex.

Longer and more intense orgasms are a guarantee with this product even if you are playing alone.

But, that of course, doesn’t mean that the Sweet Release can only be enjoyed solo. Grab it while you’re getting busy with your partner and you will never let go of it.

Fifty Shades of Grey Driven by Desire

Fifty Shades of Grey Driven by Desire

This butt plug is an ideal size for beginners, whilst also being a welcome addition for intermediate users due to the quality of the materials and design.

This just-the-right-size silicone sex toy offers an easy grasp T-shaped base and is created with silky smooth grey silicone.

The toy can be comfortably used by men and women, though the curved shape is designed to stimulate the prostate in men.

Fifty Shades Freed Come to Bed

Fifty Shades Freed Come to Bed

Intensify your orgasms with this high-quality sex toy with a thoughtful design and a peaceful look.

Thanks to the slimline shaft, the insertion is super easy. The curved, bulbous tip pushes against the G-spot, while the soft silicone rabbit ears push up against the clitoris.

Two separate motors secure maximum sensation, as one them sits in the shaft of the toy, and another in the rabbit ears section. 

It is USB rechargeable, and totally waterproof for versatile fun in the bath or shower. 

This is an accessible yet premium toy for beginners and experienced likewise.

Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger

Fifty Shades of Grey Please Sir Flogger

This is a product for all those bad, bad girls and bad boys out there.

There’s just something intricate about the Please Sir Flogger. The sharp metallic silver tendrils and sleek, wrapped black handle combine to create an item that oozes luxury without losing its threatening edge. 

This product delivers everything from a soft tickle to a sharp sting. It is only up to you how you use it.

The repetitive whipping brings blood to the surface of the skin, which makes your lover more responsive to every kiss and touch you execute.

Fifty Shades Darker Beyond Erotic

Fifty Shades Darker Beyond Erotic

This steel butt plug is perfectly balanced between easy insertion and sensational girth.

The slim neck of the toy ensures that the product stays in place while you move. So, you can safely focus on everything else you’re doing with your hands, or feet.

The steel is temperature responsive, meaning that you may wish to warm it up before you use it. Alternatively, you can keep it cool for a multitude of sensations.

Fifty Shades Freed I've Got You

Fifty Shades Freed I’ve Got You

The high-quality silicone feels luxurious to the touch and during insertion. Before the insertion, you can guide the egg all over your body, tracing over the erogenous zones like a classic bullet.

Once you insert it, the egg is designed to sit comfortably in position. You can play by yourself, or for more excitement, hand over the controller to your partner.

This way, you can get the full use of those 8 patterns and 12 speeds of vibration because you won’t know what’s coming.

Though you can be certain about one thing that will definitely come – you.

Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Sting

Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Sting

Awaken pleasure zones and heighten sensation by delivering short, sharp whips followed by gentle tickles and strokes using this elegant metallic silver and black riding crop.

See your lover become more responsive to every touch, stroke, and kiss you lavish upon their skin after their punishment.

Made from luxurious leather, this whip is ideal for experienced BDSM players wanting a classic whip that looks as good as it feels.

Fifty Shades Freed Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Pleasure

Fifty Shades Freed Pleasure Overload 10 Days of Pleasure

This thrilling set includes a range of dazzling sex toys and bondage items for different genders, providing a source of kinky inspiration for couples looking to explore new realms of pleasure.

The set includes a powerful and versatile 10 function bullet vibrator; a single-speed vibrating cock ring for enhanced performance and pleasure; silicone kegel balls for increased muscle strength; weighted nipple clamps for irresistible light bondage play; a mini pleasure plug, with retrieval ring, ideal for anal play beginners; a satin blindfold and silk wrist restraints for sensory exploration; a tiny tickler and mini flogger; and a luxury satin drawstring bag to carry everything in.

The set aims to inspire new sexual experiences and get your pulses racing. This makes it more suitable for beginners, but more experienced users will find it alluring as well.

Brief guide to BDSM

Bondage is the idea of achieving sexual gratification through the act of being restrained. It requires one person to be dominant and the other submissive, but these roles can change as often as the players desire.

How to do it?

The methods of restraint come in all shapes and sizes and vary from being lightly handcuffed to the bedpost to hanging upside down from chains hooked into the ceiling.

Handcuffs, blindfolds, and teasers are some great beginner’s bondage toys and it is this broad scope of simple options that have enabled the idea to become more popular, as well as the arrival of the Fifty Shades franchise and the Fifty Shades of Grey Toys.

Take it slow

The slow and methodical teasing, as well as the savoring of the sensations, are some of the main attractions to bondage, so make sure you allocate enough time so as not to miss out on anything.

Respect your partner

Bondage is about exploration, not humiliation. In order for both people to enjoy it, you must remain faithful to the drama that makes this experience so much more intense.

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