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Want to try new things, or spice up your love life? Want to bathe yourself in unmeasurable pleasure? Or surround your boyfriend by complete satisfaction? You’re in the right place! Because we know exactly what you need. Gay men toys!

Fun front side 

Little things matter. Sometimes, they can completely transform the sensations you feel. That’s why cock rings are such a popular erotic product! What’s more, they are the best sex toys for beginners, as it’s really easy to use them. Who wouldn’t want to prolong the erections and make the orgasms stronger? 

Talking about transformations: penis sleeves can realistically enlarge your tool. So your partner feels more pleasure along this fun ride. This gay male toy mostly brings satisfaction to your other half. 

However, enlargement pump guarantees enjoyment not only to the giver but also to the receiver. In our gay toy shop, we are more than happy to introduce you to BathMate pumps. This variety of helpers is made for penises of every length and girth. With improved endurance, erections are heavenly. So pick the one that suits you the most, and prolong your happiness (up to 7cm). 

Behind the scenes of the gay toy store

Yes, from “behind” might be the favourite view for many of us. So, why not to try experimenting with it more? Brighten up your sex life with Anal plugs. Such little effort, with great results. 

To fill the void deep inside you, anal dildos are the answer. Our most favoured friend Flexa is exactly what you need. 2,5 cm wide with a length of 17,75 cm, the Flexa-Pleaser has a tapered tip for easy entry. The shaft that bends with your body’s contours is its signature feature. It just hits the right spot! As a kit, it includes Anal Eaze Insertz Cream, Moist Anal Lube, and Refresh Toy Cleaner.

To complete the delights of sex, stimulating the P-spot is the right way. In our gay toy shop, you can choose from many materials and shapes. Pick the one you think benefits you the most, and enjoy!

Gay extreme toys? 

“Extreme” is a broad concept. It depends on one’s perspective. But generally, we mostly imagine gay bondage gear of any kind. If you’ve never tried it, give it go, because bondage is also one of our fav categories of sex accessories!

 Ready to handcuff your partner and try some submissive play with them? Try this Secret Playset. It has everything to keep your partner right where you want them to be. When 2 sets of handcuffs won’t be enough, whip might help to make them more obedient. This set also comes with a ball gag, bondage rope, mask, collar leash and nipple clamps. Enjoy it to the fullest! 

Also, don’t forget to use lube, while trying any sex toys. It’s for your own safety, comfort and pleasure. Our good old friend Durex is at your service. 


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