Add a bit of erotic flavour to your mingle with the best lubes! What’s more, our super-slippery range of sex lubricants won’t let you down. As lubes are an essential component of every drawer with sex toys, make sure you choose the right one Foryou. So, get ready to make yourself tingle to your finger-tips with everything from water-based anal lubes to numbing gels!

It is perfectly normal to use a lubricant!

Lubes makes sex more enjoyable and pleasurable, that’s a fact! You know, the wetter the better, especially when it comes to making love.

However, many people still associate using a lubricant with vaginal dryness. If you belong to those individuals, forget this nonsense! Step out of the box and think of greater pleasure, smoother skin and most importantly less friction. No matter your age, gender or stage in life – the idea that lubrication is the only sign of arousal is ancient… Trust your partners’ word instead and add LUBE to your lovemaking.


These little helpers are very versatile and can be used in any activity you can think of, even ones involving silicone sex toys. As the name suggests, they contain water and a few other ingredients.

Pros: These lubricants are budget-friendly and can be used with any material! Most importantly, they are safe to use with condoms (without breaking them down).

Cons: First of all, they wash away with any kind of water sex. Plus, water-based lubricants may dry off quicker than the other alternatives.


Its silky texture feels a bit different to natural lubrication. But this type of personal lubricant won’t wash away during an intimate session in the bathtub! However, you should make sure not to use a silicone-based lube with sex toys made of silicone, as they could get damaged.

Pros: No need to reapply this gel often, as it lasts for a lonnnng time. Plus, it’s ultra-slippery so it is a nice little extra to add to your anal play! And for the more sensitive people – this lube is hypoallergenic, so there is a very low risk of it causing you or your partner an unpleasant irritation!

Cons: You can’t use it with your beloved silicone sex toys! What’s more, it’s a bit thick so you might need to wash your hands after playtime.

Lube inside of condom?                        -Yes, please!

Has your boyfriend ever complained about condom diminishing the sensations? Then this is a little tip for you!

Putting lube inside the rubber is an amazing way to increase the feelings while being protected. Add a tiny drop or two inside the condom before your partner puts it on to unlock a world of divine pleasure. But don’t forget, always use a water-based lubricant with condoms! 

Our offer

We love erotic products which take your playtime to the next level. That’s why we have wonderful products from Durex and Ouch waiting only for you. Whether you’re craving a lubricant which will increase sensations in your clit or an after-spanking gel to nourish and hydrate damaged skin after a hard play we have what you need. 

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to experience mind-blowing pleasure with the help of a personal lubricant!


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