Penis sleeves

 Penis sleeve is a tool for adding length or girth to your actual tool. Simply, it’s dick extension. It’s mostly used to guarantee a prolonged pleasure to the receiver. But it can also spice up your own orgasm. That’s why it’s important to choose the right one. 

Which penis sleeve?

SONO holds the largest representation of cock sleeves in our e-shop. Their dick extensions don’t look as realistic as they really feel. And you can enjoy far more pleasure with their famous No. 34. Almost realistic penis sleeve accompanied by anal plug. It comes in three color variations: black penis sleeve, grey one and transparent. And with a little lube, great miracles happen. 

Let’s have even more fun…

Want to completely satisfy your partner? This Deluxe Cage is erection enhancer in its base. It doesn’t have to be a big dick sleeve to actually keep the climaxes rolling. On both sides. Since it lets your penis “breathe”, you also feel every sensation of your partner. It’s safe, practical in cleaning. And it will make you, and your partner crazy about divine pleasure. 

The decision is up to you. You can choose from a great variety of enlargement pumps, or stay here, scroll down and enjoy your other form of dick extension. 


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