Filling up the void can be sometimes pretty difficult. Doesn’t matter if it’s just you in your bed, or with your partner. And when there’s lack of penis, other fake dick toy might be here to save us. 

Do we need penis…

Yeah, we all would like to say no. But let’s not lie to ourselves. We do need penis. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a real man with a real tool. So when you wasn’t able to choose something from our wide variety of vibrators, dick vibrator might be for you. Don’t look for a dick, they all lie. Look for dick doll, because they won’t leave you “on read”, if you know what I mean. 

Feeling like a queen your whole life? Awesome, because nowadays, you don’t have to marry a real king. You can buy one. King Cock is here to make your every fantasy real. The only thing you have to do is to choose the right shape of your fake dick toy. And with this wide spectrum, you can rule your bedroom with the chosen one. 

Asking to even rule the world? This king might change your past, present and future all together with its 30 cm length and 7,6 cm width. Reality will never feel better, if you’re daring enough. 

…or penis needs us?

Answer to this is also yes. That’s unquestionable reality for us, straight women. And to be honest, some fake dick toys surely belong inside of our homes, besides other parts of life. This is just the most basic example. Same as Basix Rubber Works. If you’re not really into complicated relationships, then you don’t have to complicate your sex life. Stay in with your basics, and choose a simple dick doll ready to be used. 

So, relive your greatest fantasies with the chosen penis. Decision is up to you, because this dick won’t talk back. And to make it work better, don’t forget to use lube.


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