Flesh light

The absolute favorite world-wide male masturbation toy. Made from materials designed to mimic the feeling of real human sexual contact to make it feel as realistic as possible. Men masturbate regardless of their relationship status. So why don’t make the most of it? Here are some of the key aspects to consider before buying one.

Real-life feel

Unfortunately, there is no substitute to a real woman but it doesn’t get any closer to the real-life experience with a sex toy than it does with a male masturbator. Yet some say that it is even better than actual sex.


Good for us, there are more than a hundred different textures. These come with a standard butt, mouth, pussy, and (butt) cheeks in addition to a huge variety of realistic orifices molded from real porn stars. Standard cases and sleeves also come in several colors, including novelty gold and blue, as well as more realistic flesh tones. A standard Fleshlight comes in four parts: sleeve, case, and two end caps. However, as you increase your Fleshlight collection you might opt to buy extra sleeves alone to save cash.


Thanks to its torch-like case nobody will suspect anything if they stumble across your fleshlight. Unless, of course, they know what it is or they open it. Plus it’s safe and easy to carry around while you travel.

Last longer

There are types of fleshlights that provide an even more intense sensation on your penis. These have large pillow-like bumps on the inside to help you practice lasting longer. Moreover, they can improve your performance, techniques and intensify your orgasms so when the time cums you’ll be ready.

Easy maintenance

You have to make sure to clean your fleshlight after each use, otherwise, it will not last and become unhygienic to use. Fleshlights are incredibly easy to clean. All you need is a stream of warm water, a fleshlight wash and a towel of some sort. While you’re cleaning your fleshlight make sure not to use any cleaners, like for example soap, that could potentially damage your toy.

Lube it up

Even though a fleshlight is designed to mimic a real-life vagina, it can produce the natural lubrication a woman can. That is why lube is extremely important when it comes to playing with a fleshlight. It prevents serious injuries and keeps your toy intact. And make sure you’re using a water-based lubricant to prevent damage to your toy.

How to choose your fleshlight?

We all have our own personal preferences and having a variety of male masturbation toys this wide might make it difficult to choose the right product for you. Luckily, almost all fleshlights have something to offer and all of them are enjoyable to use. Before buying your first fleshlight consider these questions: What is your penis size? Is it large, average, or small? Do you enjoy fast intense masturbation or long, slow sessions? Do you prefer a mouth, butt or pussy orifice? But the best way to use your first one is to read the reviews and decide what is best for you.

Fleshlight Girls

The Fleshlight Dorcel Girls are a selection of the hottest stars in the adult industry, and you can bring home realistic and high-quality masturbation toys molded from them.

Grab your male masturbator today and get busy!

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