Wondering what the famous G-spot is? As mysterious as it is, it’s kinda easy to explain. Full name of our most erogenous spot is Grafenberg spot. Everybody believes, that this little thing is the most impressive key to vaginal orgasm during penetration. It might be a bit difficult to locate. If you’re not using the right sex toys, of course! 

Where’s our G-spot?

G-spot is a quite mysterious body part, since many women are able to achieve only clitorial orgasm. They don’t believe in its existence, because they haven’t lived through that unimaginable pleasure of vaginal orgasm

G-spot is part of our whole clitorial network. We can locate it right where our inner labia meet. And if you’re done trying looking for it with fingers, or you don’t want to trouble your partner, here comes New-Rock Chick. Brought to you by Rocks-off. Innovative G-spot stimulator. Beautifully feminine. Soft and flexible. Waterproof, since you can change its temperature (and sensations) under water. 

It’s no shame 

Every woman should know what she’s capable of. Especially when it concerns our own pleasure. Because pleasure does not have limits. Self-exploration the most efficient way how to destroy those limits.

And to be honest, sex toys for stimulating G-spot are inventions we all need. Many women out there already enjoy their most sensible spot. If you belong to that group, and want something more extra, try Sinclaire. This bad girl is equipped with three separate motors, 10 speeds, and 90 minutes autonomy. She will get you started. And finished, as well. She’s gonna finish you with extraordinary vaginal orgasms. 

Remember, sex and masturbation are no shame. We wish you happy exploring! Enjoy your ride


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