Vaginal and clitoris stimulator

A must-have for every grown-up woman, vaginal and clitoris stimulators will get you to that big O in no time! These rabbit vibrators are designed to stimulate your clitoris and G-spot at once, which will result in a powerful blended orgasm. Simply a dream come true. With one of these little helpers, get ready to experience a divine pleasure. What’s more, with so many vaginal and clitoris stimulators on offer, you’re spoilt for choice!

What is it?

As the name suggests, vaginal and clitoris stimulators, also known as rabbit vibrators, are toys that stimulate your clit and penetrate the vagina at once, often resulting in an intense feeling called blended orgasm.

Much like real rabbits, these sex toys come in many different species. Some have clitoral stimulators that look like fingers or knubs, some resemble cute butterflies. As for the shaft, they can either rotate, move or thrust. Although there are limitless combinations, the purpose is still the same – simultaneous internal and external pleasure.

Why should you buy one?

Let us begin with the benefits of masturbation – it helps you combat stress and sleep better. And what’s a better toy for your solo session than a vaginal and clitoris stimulator? Another reason why you should own one is that they are super versatile – rabbit vibrators come in millions of shapes, sizes and colours! What’s more, they’re easy to use. Simply start by getting to know your toy a bit better. In other words, explore different settings and gently tease your external erogenous zones so you become familiar with the sensations. And that’s all you need to do before you play with your vibrator! Last but not least, you may experience the already mentioned blended orgasm! WOW.

Blended orgasm

It is a clitoral and vaginal orgasm that happens at the same time. So, technically it is 2 orgasms happening at once – the result is more intense, full-body response. 

If you’d fancy this ah-mazing climax, there are 3 things you need to do :

Firstly, relax and focus on your sensations. Sounds easy, but don’t underestimate this step! Secondly, make sure to use lots of lube! Though vagina self-lubricates itself, a little extra help is always welcomed! And lastly, use your vaginal and clitoris stimulator! This sex toy is a guarantee for a mind-blowing experience.

How to have fun with your rabbit vibrator – TIPS

  • Tease yourself before masturbation. Start by caressing your nipples and breasts and slowly work your way down and run your vaginal and clitoris stimulator along your inner tighs.
  • Use your rabbit vibrator in the shower. Add a new layer of pleasure to your solo play! Using your sex accessory in water-setting will enhance your me-time for sure.
  • Take it slow. Turn your vaginal and clitoris stimulator to the slowest setting and enjoy a deep and slow climax.
  • A fan of Fifty Shades of Grey? Then we have the exact sex toy you need. Check out the one and only rabbit vibrator from Fifty Shades of Freed if you want to feel like inside of the Christian Grey’s playroom. For more sexy facts about this erotic product, check out our blog!

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