Clítoris Sucker Sona Cruise Pink

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Enjoy the journey and the arrival with this SONA Cruise Sonic sucker. Stimulate the clitoris with waves of consistent buzzing that will allow you to reach orgasms with a pleasant internal massage. A progressive excitement and an orgasm that comes from the deepest of your being. This toy has a technology used in racing cars and that LELO has developed exclusively for the SONA. With this system you can control the intensity of the toy when you press it on your body.


  • 8 pleasure modes
  • Cruise control system
  • Speed Controller
  • Silicone
  • Clitoris sucker
  • Fully submersible
  • Rechargeable by USB
  • 2 hours of loading
  • 1 hour of autonomy



If high-tech intimacy is what you crave, the Swedish Designer Brand LELO is the right choice for you. They are the leader of the market in design, innovation and technology. In other words, they are often described as "the BMW of the world of sex toys". What's more, the effort LELO puts into their products is widely recognised - in 2019 they've been awarded the Cosmopolitan Sexcellence Award. And that's only one of the the MANY.

The clit sucker from LELO

Are you dreaming of bigger and bolder orgasms? Then we have exactly the right sex toy for you - the clitoris sucker. This toy is a real game-changer and as LELO likes to describe it - it is "clitorally mind-blowing".

Only a small proportion of women experience vaginal orgasm. So, the only way is to play with your clit, right? And that's where the clitoris sucker comes in - the little gem that has revolutionized the world of female orgasm. In case you'd like to explore the world of the clit sucker toys, have a look at our blog.

Sona Cruise

LELO's clitoris sucker Sona Cruise works by stimulating your clit with sonic waves, or pulsations, which reach into the depth of this area. Therefore, you experience more intense and more pleasurable feelings which radiate throughout your body. The word “cruise” in its name describes its unique property – this little gem can control the power of the suction automatically. Put simply, it gets you to the big O in no time.

Sona Cruise 2

We adore this toy from LELO. It is a newer generation of the above mentioned erotic product which is like a Ferrari in the world of sex toys for women! Are you wondering how it differs from its predecessor? Firstly, it comes with softer sonic waves, which might benefit the more sensitive of us and the battery life is longer. Moreover, the suction cup is softer and wider to fit any shape of the clitoris. That's all. If you ask us, we think that all the clit suckers from LELO will make you scream for joy.

Let's not forget about lube.

Sex toys from LELO are amazing, that's for sure. But however amazing these sex accessories are, you'll still need LUBE! Using a lubricant with your little helper, whether we're talking rabbit vibrators, butt plugs or clitoris suckers will take the experience to the next level. What's more, it is a lot safer to use one, especially during booty play! If you need a little help to choose the best lubricant for you, here are a few TIPS:
  1. Water-based lube. This kind of lubrication is ideal to use with erotic products made of silicone and while having penetrative sex using condoms.
  2. Silicone-based lube. For a backdoor play, we definitely recommend using this type of lubricant. It lasts longer and is more slippery. On top of that, if you make love in the shower, water-based lube would get washed away.
All in all, sex toys from LELO won't let you down. To experience earth-shattering orgasms, scroll down and choose the best sex accessory for you! GOOD LUST!

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