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Fleshlight GO Surge Combo



Fleshlight GO is the point guard of the Fleshlight all-star team. This compact mens pleasure product is lighter, shorter and more discreet than the original, making it easier than ever to use anywhere, anytime and with a single hand. The Fleshlight GO is everything you love about the original top-selling Fleshlight, condensed into a more compact design. The luxurious sleeve is made from our patented SuperSkin material, ensuring a lifelike experience every time you take Flight. This toy is shorter and weighs less than the original, so that you can single-handedly grip and stroke with more ease than ever before.The Fleshlight GO Surge: A pink sleeve featuring the Lady orifice, encased in a black canister. The modest size of the Fleshlight GO Surge makes it the perfect travel companion. Take this compact mens pleasure product with you on business trips, keep it in your glove compartment, or use it as your primary sex toy at home.

The Fleshlight GO Surge Value Pack includes:

  • Fleshlight GO Surge: A pink sleeve featuring the Lady orifice, encased in a black canister.
  • Fleshlube  Water 100 ml
  • Fleshwash Cleaner  100 ml


  • Color Pink
  • Orifice Lady
  • Canal Diameter  2,2 cm
  • Canal Texture “Surge”
  • Length 21,6 cm
  • Diameter 7,6 to 5,1 cm
  • Black Case Included


Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlight Girls has set out to bring the most of your masturbation experience. Allowing you to get inside your favorite porn-star in the most accessible fashion you can imagine. One of the best aspects of these products is, that they were actually molded from the genitals of the hottest adult film stars. The wide range of sleeves, shapes, and textures brings you a great selection to choose whichever works best for you.

What makes them stand out?

The main reason for the brand's success is the fact that all of their products are made of a material, called SuperSkin. This was designed to feel and look like a real vagina. Superb design, real-life appearance, and they are all signed by the actress that the product was molded from. So what makes it so great, and better than any other male masturbation toy? Apart from all the features mention above, it uses a suction cap to adjust the level of suction inside the toy. High suction is suitable for those who desire a more intense stimulation. Low suction is for those who are a bit more sensitive. Either way, everybody can get most of it with the right adjustments.

Let's have a look at some of the best-rated Fleshlights.

Eva Lovia Sugar

The flashlight consists of four distinct chambers. The action peaks in the third chamber, which is covered in small balls that increase in size the further you go. These balls provide a completely different sensual experience than the first two chambers do. It only gets better and better the deeper you go. It's difficult to describe this feeling with words, so you just have to experience Eva Lovia for yourself to know.

Riley Reid Utopia

Coming to you straight from Miami Beach, Florida to make your knees buckle. This masturbation toy gives you a constant and varied stimulation. It's ideal for those who seek achieving orgasm through extreme stimulation. Those who are looking for a product that increases their stamina will find the Riley Reid Utopia more than satisfying. Plus, those who love playing with the suction settings on their Fleshlight will be pleased to know that this Fleshlight texture makes for some excellent fun.

Assa Akira Dragon

The vast majority of these toys are extremely pleasurable but it is too obvious that you're using a masturbation toy designed for maximum sensation. We all know that life isn't perfect and it isn't always a sensational experience that fires you out of this world. However, this one is much more subtle and less aggressive than the other Fleshlights, allowing for a more realistic, down to earth experience. This Fleshlight has probably the widest sleeve, making it ideal for well-endowed guys.

Alexis Texas Outlaw

Featuring 2 large chambers, where each entrance and exit has a ring of 3 flaps. The uniqueness of this erotic toy is that it gets tighter and tighter the more you penetrate. This one is definitely four you if you like it tight! Before reaching the first large chamber you will feel the first rows of flaps. Each flap looks like a crescent and it just feels amazing.

Things to keep in mind.

Notice that all of the flashlights are nine inches long, that means that only 5% of men can reach the last two inches. Also, don't forget to take care of your Fleshlight, as it can lose its shape and texture very easily. Lube it before you use it and clean it after you use it. Easy.
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