Lubricant Durex Play Basic 50 ml



This classic water-based lubricant is not sticky or greasy, it is light and incredibly smooth. Use it for anal, vaginal and oral sex. Try it with your favorite Durex condoms.

  • 50 ml



A brand that everyone knows. A brand which believes good sex is for everyone. Ladies and gentleman, big applause for Durex. Just Kidding, you don't have to clap. However, what Durex has done over the years has shaped the world of sex accessories. Over the 90 years of their existence, they have been creating a wide range of products designed to give you better experiences. What's more, erotic products from Durex are manufactured to high standards with the aim to make sex feel good, rather than look good. And that's what real love-making should be about. Raw, funny, honest and messy.

How it all began

As we've already mentioned, Durex has been on the scene for over 90 years. Originally, they were established as London Rubber Company in 1915. Back then, they sold imported condoms and accessories. So, it's fair to say they've gone a very long way to what they're now. Today, Durex offers an array of condoms, lubricants, and sex toys, for example, vibrators. 

Safe & real sex

To begin with, you are probably aware of what Durex manufactures. But if you're not, read on!


Whether you love the sensual feeling of ribbed condoms or want that skin-on-skin feel with thin condoms, Durex has it all. They make high-quality products you can rely on. What's more, apart from an effective way of birth control, condoms have an important role in the world of sex toys as well. Many erotic products, like anal dildos or butt plugs, should be used with condoms to protect you. So, the next time you're about to enjoy a booty play with your partner, don't forget to use condoms when using the same toy for both of you!


If you know us a bit, you'll be aware we are all about LUBES! We love them, as they not only spice up your sexual experience but also make it safer. Durex is famous for their huge selection of lubricants, which range from water-based pleasure gels to hot/cold stimulating ones. How to choose?
  • Water-based. This type of lube is safe to use with condoms and sex toys made of silicone. On top of that, it is smooth, light and wonderfully gentle on your body - a great way to help with vaginal dryness. Plus, it washes away easily after you're done with your little adventure!
  • Tingling. If you fancy zingy and tingling sensations, this is the right choice for you. Apart from the same benefits as the water-based lube has, this gel will add electricity between you and your partner.
  • Silicone-based. For those who enjoy booty play, a silicone-based gel is a right way to go. It lasts longer and it is smoother. Plus, it won't be washed away during a little adventure in water settings! However, bear in mind that these, not even the ones from Durex, aren't friendly with silicone sex toys and condoms!
So, are you ready to choose the best Durex product for you? We believe that their work is top-notch and will satisfy your every need! GOOD LUST!

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