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Pretty Love Couple Vibe Squirm



Enjoy Squirm like never before. With this new toy made with the highest quality materials you can experience a pleasure from another world. It has 7 vibration functions. So you can take it anywhere you want it is rechargeable. So you can enjoy where and how you want.

Designed in the USA with the strictest quality standards.


  • 7 vibrating functions
  • Rechargable
  • Measures: 12,5 cm


Pretty Love


It’s a question asked by many, answered by even more. Everyone would describe it their own way. Fascination about love is feeling which rules the world. That curiosity. But what if we told you about three simple secrets? Raw sex, pleasant discovery, Pretty Love. Those are our answers. 
Build your own sexual safe place ruled by love. And sex toys.  Well-known brand Pretty Love is diverse enough to satisfy your every craving. It comes with colorful variety of products in every shape and material. 


Looking for a little teasing? Pretty Love egg was made you. You can carry it wherever you want, since it comes with remote controller.  Let’s not forget about many balls that this brand brought to us. Kegel balls help women achieve the right control of vaginal muscles with combination of pleasure. Talking about inner muscles, Pretty Love also cares about those anal ones. There’s altogether 4 types of anal plugs ready to be bought and used. So you can enjoy your cosmic orgasm with a little help from butt plugs. 


Last, but no least, long awaited: Pretty Love vibrators. This brand offers premium quality vibrators of any kind. With or without clitoris stimulator. It’s up to your preference. But if you’re looking for almost life-like imitation of well-known manly organ, we recommend Wilbur. Made from medical silicone, and ready to stimulate your G-spot, while it adapts to your body temperature. With this kind of caregiving, 12 vibrating functions are more than enough. Wilbur is a premium sex toy which obeys your every command. We hope we made it clear, that Pretty Love brand distributes high quality sex toys in diverse spectrum. And if you want to widen your spectrum, we recommend VIVE premium clitoris stimulators.  Just to make you bright more. Go, and scroll for you own! GOOD LUST!
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