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Shots Bive Minu Black



Vive is a new phenomenon in the world of luxury adult pleasure products. The Minu has a unique design, which makes it a feast for the eyes and its idiosyncratic shape will get you into ecstatic atmospheres. The 10 different vibration patterns are coming from a new rechargeable and unique, innovative technology making it it unbelievably strong. This lay-on vibrator is a specialist in clitoral vibrations, created with waterproof, high-grade and anti-dust silicone. With the Minu you will feel absolutely special!


  • Rechargeable: Yes.
  • Waterproof: Yes.
  • Button control: Yes.
  • Speed Modes: 10.
  • Dimensions: 20,30 cm x 10,80 cm x 7,80 cm.
  • Weight: 382 gr.



VIVE is a new phenomenon in the world of luxury toys. All toys are made of super soft medical grade silicone and the ergonomic designs with rose golden details give extra glamour to this brand. All of VIVE's products are USB-rechargeable, waterproof, and come in purple, pink, and black. Even though all of the toys seem similar, all of them are unique and have a specific feature. Find out more here.
VIVE has one of the most innovative products on the market. You can control the toys through your phone via Bluetooth. This way, you can create your own vibration pattern. You just draw a wave pattern in a line graph and then enjoy the 10 different vibration strengths over a lapse of 5 seconds. This is why VIVE is one of the most sophisticated and exclusive brands. Find out more here. VIVE Zesiro The Zesiro features a unique, ergonomic design with a tapered tip for easy insertion, while a powerful motor with 6500 rotations per minute provides satisfying internal stimulation. This toy offers you more with your toy than just simple control. Each button has several unique functions. Try it for yourself and experience the VIVE feeling.


This one has been uniquely designed with sweeping curves and targeted points. Its distinctive shape allows for fabulous clitoral stimulation, boasting flexible wings, and lay-on pleasure. It is so small you can also wear it in your panties as your very own secret satisfied. Minu is the strongest product available here. It offers unbelievable powerful and intense vibrations. The whisper-quiet motor offers 10 tempting and teasing vibrating, pulsating and escalating intense patterns of pure pleasure. Plus, it has a unique climax feature, which gives you an amazing boost of power sending you into a higher ecstatic atmosphere. These gorgeous products are perfect for first-time or sex savvy users with easy to use controls, whisper-quiet motor, and fully waterproof body.

VIVE Aviva

The 10 different vibration patterns are coming from a new rechargeable and unique, innovative technology making it unbelievably strong. The texture of Aviva gives an astonishing stimulation boost and the tongue feels amazing against your skin. It's created with firm, yet soft, waterproof, and anti-dust silicone.

Lube it up.

While you can rely on oil and silicone-based lubes to give you the most lubiness, they can degrade condoms and silicone toys. Even the high-quality silicone of VIVE toys are not able to sustain these two types of lubes. Use a water-based lubricant instead. It may not last you that long but will not damage your toy and keep you safe as well.
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