Shots Sono No.40 Ball Strap Translucent



Are you up for some extreme pleasure? This ballstrap will give your penis the desired rock hard strength and will obviate premature ejaculation!  You will love the simple shape of this ballstrap and because of the TPE material it will adjust to your shape very easy.


  • Waterproof
  • Phthalate free
  • Thikness: 3,4 cm
  • Inner Circumference: 2,5 cm



If you fancy high-quality but budget-friendly sex toys, SONO is the right way to go. However, let's start with a proper introduction. Firstly, SONO sex toys are manufactured and distributed by the U.S. company Shots America, who also produces other familiar sex accessories, like Loveline or Shots Toys. Let's get to the products themselves - they are super soft, almost jelly-like, created from materials that will caress your body. Plus, their designs are simple but sophisticated, providing you with a classy, elegant experience. So, feel free to dive into our offer to explore the world of divine pleasure!

Cock rings

Did you know that cock ring, a.k.a penis ring, can enhance your pleasure and pump up your performance? Yup, that's right! In other words, it keeps your penis harder for longer. What's more, it will make your ejaculation feel totally different. Explosive.  So, why should you consider SONO cock rings? Simply, they will take your pleasure to the next level. Moreover, they are waterproof so you can enjoy the benefits wherever you'd like. Plus, you will love the shape and as it made of silicone, it will easily adjust to your body shape and temperature. In case you'd like to explore our whole selection of cock rings, click here! 

Penis sleeves

These sex accessories are awesome. One of the best toys for men, to be honest! Wondering why? Firstly, you can just change your gear completely. Whatever shape or size you're dreaming of, it's just a click away. This is an easy way to satisfy your innermost desires and fulfil your partners wildest dreams. And penis sleeves from SONO are the right way to go. As we've already mentioned, the materials this brand uses are not only soft but also body-safe. What's more, they're created to give optimal stimulation and have a ball strap which will hold the sleeve in place no matter how wild your game gets. Even your best moves won't make them come off! So, check out SONO's products to make your partner scream for joy!


Dildos from SONO are super versatile. You can use them during anal play, but also for vaginal penetration! Perhaps, if you like a little kink, you can tease your partner as a part of foreplay by gently touching their skin with the tip of the dildo. And to make your session even more exciting, give the submissive play a go. As for SONO, their products are available in a variety of shapes and formats. In other words, there's an ideal erotic product for everyone! What's more, they have an ergonomically shaped opening at the bottom of the toy for easy insertion with only one of your fingers.  Moreover, SONO uses high-grade silicone to manufacture their dildos, so you don't have to worry about safety issues! Are you ready to immerse yourself in divine pleasure and satisfaction with sex toys from SONO? GOOD LUST!

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