The Fifty Shades Sex toys

Maybe you’ve read the books.

Maybe you’ve seen the movies.

But you haven’t tried the Fifty Shades sex toys.

Here, you will discover what is behind each of these brands

The Fifty Shades Sex toys Collections

In these collections, you can find anything from nipple clamps, adrenaline spikes metal pinwheels to vibrators, anal plugs, ropes, and more. But this is not what you’ll find here. For details about the Fifty Shades sex toys, check out our other article here.

These collections may seem complicated and unavailable for beginners or those who want to try out BDSM for the first time. However, this is far from the truth as all of these sex toys are designed to meet any experience level of the user that wants to get some dominant/submissive action.

But, you can still use these toys as you normally would. Alone, with your partner, simply any way you see fit. You can even make them a part of an erotic massage. These toys are great for everything.

Make yourselves comfortable and prepare for a treat. Or at least a part of it. The real treat will come later when you try these out.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

The one that started it all. The first sex toys collection, inspired by the world’s fastest-selling adult novel, changed the world of sex toys as we knew it.

After the book was published, women were more open to talking about their erotic fantasies and desires, what has also triggered many discussions about sex toys in general. This opened the doors for women that felt, just like Anastasia, insecure or shy and unaware of their natural beauty.

But what makes these sex toys stand out is the use of high-quality materials, premium manufacturing, and its immense attention to detail. Each product is carefully designed to bring you the most pleasure possible.

Now, arouse your inner god/goddess and feel the power that domination gives you. Feel it flow through your blood and make it turn you into the love devil you promised to be. Submerge into your animalistic instincts and let them guide you.

The adrenaline you feel when you get dominated makes all your thoughts fade away, your senses sharpen, and then you know. You are fully submitted. The whole world stops and everything freezes. In this frenzy of pain and pleasure, you find yourself more relaxed than ever and the pleasure you feel is simply out of this world.

Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker

Expand your first collection with these exquisite pieces and bring more excitement and adrenaline to your playroom.

This collection is promised to deliver the expansion to your love arsenal you need. With beautiful designs and luxurious feel, these toys will definitely make you cross the finish line with like never before.

But of course, if you are new to BDSM or sex toys, you will still enjoy this collection. The products are designed to suit any experience levels.

Less is not always more and it definitely does applies to sex toys. You can never have enough of them because the use and the variety of sex toys is as wide as your imagination.

Trust is essential in a relationship, so why not enforce it with dominant/submissive play? This way, you’ll get to know your partner much better and also yourself. Use safe words and respect your partner’s boundaries and wishes so that no one comes to harm.

Don’t let the “scary” idea of bondage and dominant/submissive plays turn you away. There is no formula on how these should be done correctly, so it is completely up to you and your imagination. And of course your partner’s.

Turn up the heat with what you already know and love and add a pinch of experiment. Get down for a good erotic massage with the help of an adrenaline spikes pinwheel.

Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed

If the first two collections didn’t hook you then this one definitely will. It has everything you would find in Christians’ red room of pain. Not only that, but it also has all the things you’d hope to find there, like vibrators, cock rings, and more.

This works as a standalone collection but also makes a great contribution to your already established Fifty Shades sex toys collection.

So if you’re on the pursuit of collecting all of the toys these collections have to offer, then getting a hold of these is the last step you need to make to complete your own playroom.

With your playroom completed, you will soon find out the benefits that the dominant/submissive play provides. It gives a greater sense of trust and that leads to a higher level of intimacy with your partner.

To wrap things up, it is important that you enjoy what you’ re doing and how you’re using these toys. Otherwise, it is pointless and can cause you harm.

If you want to read more about some helpful tips and guides and toys overviews click here.

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